How to travel without a visa: ideas for visa-free travel around the world

  1. Moscow - Nairobi
  2. Nairobi - Rio De Janeiro
  3. Rio de Janeiro - Mexico City
  4. Mexico City - Shanghai
  5. Shanghai - Moscow

In order to go to the Around the World does not need to be Fedr Konyukhov. On the website of any aviation alliance (Sky Team, Oneworld or Star Alliance) you can easily buy a round-the-world ticket, it’s just visas. But the devil, as always, is in the details. If you buy segments separately, it is cheaper, and you may not need a visa if you build your route wisely. Tourist search engine Aviasales invites you to travel around the world without a single visa.

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Moscow - Nairobi

Kenya is above all a big African five: an elephant, a lion, a leopard, a buffalo and a rhinoceros. Great luck to see all the animals during a safari. Watch them go to the huge national park Masai Mara.

No matter how exotic Kenya is, you can get here with just one stop. Best docking offers Turkish Airways. As a result, a one-way ticket costs around 16 thousand rubles. Another $ 50 will cost a visa upon arrival.

Nairobi - Rio De Janeiro

If you hurry, you can catch the famous carnival! From March 1 to March 4, at the sambadrome the best schools of Rio will show everything they can. But even without a carnival there is something to do. Try to find that girl from Ipanema or take a helicopter ride over the beaches of the city. Separate entertainment - experimenting with roasting local steaks. Already in the meat carioks understand!

Tickets from Nairobi to Rio will cost 34 thousand, again no problems with the visa, they are allowed into the country with a Russian passport.

Rio de Janeiro - Mexico City

Then fly to Mexico. In the capital, you will find a crowd of a multi-million city, so after watching the paintings of Frida Kahlo, go to the pyramids of Teotihuacan, it is literally 40 kilometers from Mexico City.

I must say that Mexico is not a visa-free country, you will have to fill out an online form on the site, but you don’t need to give a passport to the embassy, ​​it’s good! Tickets from Rio will cost 29 thousand, and on the way here you also look at Bogota.

Mexico City - Shanghai

The only way to fly across the Pacific without opening a US visa is a flight from Mexico City to Shanghai. I must say that this is an adventure for 20 hours with refueling on the border with California. Ticket costs a little more than 55 thousand one way.

For three days in China, a visa is not needed, at the border you only need to show a ticket to Moscow.

Shanghai - Moscow

Before the last march-throw we recommend how to relax in one of the Chinese baths. In general, this is a whole combine - with massage rooms, steam rooms, restaurants. Here you can sleep and put yourself in order. The remaining time is recommended to spend on walks through the old Shanghai, which is almost not visible behind the skyscrapers.

Direct ticket from Shanghai to Moscow It costs 13 740 rubles. And, by the way, if you combine all transportation costs together, you’ll get almost 25% cheaper than a round-the-world ticket for any of the alliances.