Tips for proper tan on holiday in Thailand

To vacation in Thailand not turned into torture, everyone who goes to rest in this country, you must follow some useful tips. First of all it is worth knowing that the sun in Thailand is much more active than in the temperate zone, that is, in our homeland. Do not assume that if it is overcast outside, you don’t need to wear a hat, and sunscreen for the body ( What cosmetics to take to Thailand? ) only need sissy. You can burn even in cloudy weather!

Tan in Thailand is special. Thais are dark not only because of racial differences. This tropical tan will always be stronger compared to what you can get, just wallowing in the sun somewhere in the Crimea. That is, you sunbathe in Thailand as you will not be able to tan in Russia.

How to sunbathe in Thailand, so that this procedure was more useful than harmful? Remember, one rule - never sunbathe from noon to three o'clock in the afternoon. The Thai sun during this period of time is the most "burning". If you need to go somewhere in the daytime, then be sure to mix the intervals of being in the sun with stops in the shade.

An even tan in Thailand is obtained if you constantly move around. Traditional bedding will cause you to get "spotting". Anyone who has visited this country more than once to the question: “ How not to get burnt in Thailand ?” Will be answered the same way: “Start small, the first stay in the sun should not be longer than 10–15 minutes.” And it is better to prepare in advance for the scorching Thai sun - take a subscription to the solarium before going on vacation or wintering in Thailand .

If you have spent so much time in the sun that your skin has already begun to pinch, then immediately find a shadow. Better yet, take a cold, bland shower to cool off and wash the salt off your skin. If the skin is still burned, then, firstly, do not go out in the sun in underwear, and secondly, take measures for additional body hygiene.

If the skin is still burned, then, firstly, do not go out in the sun in underwear, and secondly, take measures for additional body hygiene

Life hacking. How to reduce the likelihood of sunburn to a minimum =)

The skin performs protective functions. In Thailand, they become a decisive factor in maintaining health. Through the burnt skin, the sun's rays penetrate deeper into the tissues, leading to overheating and sunstroke. In addition, in tropical countries there are much more pathogens, and they also need the gate to open wider for their entry.

PS I, when I visited Thailand for the first time, did not follow the correct tanning rules. I decided to go swimming in Karon Beach Phuket just between 12 and 15 o'clock in the afternoon and, although for the most part I was lying under an umbrella, in the evening I was burned so that I could not even put on a T-shirt. And it was the first day of rest, and there are still 2 weeks ahead !!! Imagine how I was? ))) Fortunately, everything worked out and after a few days everything went away. I was even allowed into some clubs without outerwear. And I went home already black as Thais!

What cosmetics to take to Thailand?
Imagine how I was?